10 Ways to Spice Up Your Bedroom Walls

You’ve been watching home decorating shows, flipping through design magazines… and staring at your boring bedroom walls. You know it’s time to change things up in your boudoir, but you’re lost as to how to add a little flair. Rather than heading straight to the paint store, consider wallpaper. It’s versatile, elegant, and available in a wide variety of different patterns. Here are ten ideas to indulge your wallpaper fantasies that are completely realistic for a bedroom makeover.
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How to Hang Wallpaper for an Instantly Improved Appearance

Lining a room with wallpaper allows you to do a lot more than you can do with paint in much less time. Aside from masking minor imperfections and enlivening walls, wallpapering is one of the easiest and most effective ways of achieving instant decoration. However, not many homeowners get it right, not even after several attempts. While it is true that wallpapering calls for patience and precision, lack of knowledge might still be the main reason for mismatched patterns and peeling seams.

You can achieve perfection even if you consider the task beyond your do-it-yourself skills. Here are the best tips for hanging wallpaper, from pasting and aligning to hanging and trimming.
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Spicing Up Your Home with Modern Elegance

Many people start catching the bug of remodeling their home once spring arrives. So many improvements need to be made after the winter weather, so there are plenty of projects to behold. However, springtime also means new life. In order to bring new life to your home, doing some of these projects is necessary. At the same time, they will bring a modern elegance to your home if you follow some of these style options as part of a remodel to bring life to your home.
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