10 Ways to Spice Up Your Bedroom Walls

You’ve been watching home decorating shows, flipping through design magazines… and staring at your boring bedroom walls. You know it’s time to change things up in your boudoir, but you’re lost as to how to add a little flair. Rather than heading straight to the paint store, consider wallpaper. It’s versatile, elegant, and available in a wide variety of different patterns. Here are ten ideas to indulge your wallpaper fantasies that are completely realistic for a bedroom makeover.

1. Large Scale Florals

Who doesn’t love flowers? Thanks to a ton of different colors, blooms, and arrangements, you’re sure to find a large scale, bold floral pattern that resonates with you. Imagine waking up to your own personal garden. If that wouldn’t help you start your day in a positive mindset, what would?

2. Watercolor Patterns

These watery, whimsical designs are all the rage in 2018. Regardless of color, the ability to change tones gradually is appealing to lots of different aesthetic tastes. You might let your watercolor masterpiece take the tone of a geometric print, or maybe an underwater inspired delight. Whatever your pleasure, the calming effect of watercolor patterns have potential to add an air of soothing to your bedroom.

3. Geometric Prints

Not feeling the flowers or watercolors? Maybe geometric prints with solid borders and defined edges are more your style. Far from your Grandmother’s seventies inspired kitchen walls, geometric prints come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. Whether you’re into Aztec-inspired bordering, mandalas, or something completely different, geometrics might help to jazz up your bedroom scene.

4. Bright Tones

Hot pink, coral, and teal balanced out with neutrals like black and white make for a masterpiece of contrast and energy. If you’re one to bound out of bed in the morning and start your day, this zesty color palette might be just the one for you.

5. Tone on Tone

Different finishes like matte and glossy together take on an elegant feel when kept in a consistent color tone. Not a fan of crazy patterns? Use wallpaper to keep your room neutral while adding a bit of personality to the walls.

6. Animal Prints

Are you a wild one? Snakeskin, crocodile, tiger, giraffe, or zebra… you’re sure to find an animal-inspired pattern that lights you up. Take a miniature safari every morning as you find your way back from dreamland and into the real world.

7. Textured

Another option for someone who wants to keep colors a little more neutral or fewer, textured wallpaper provides a different sort of flair. Velvet, suede, or linen, your walls will feel cozier and richer than ever before.

8. Monogrammed

Perhaps you’re a little on the preppy side when it comes to style. Monograms make the room, and rather than leaving your initials on your pillowcases, you might let them cover your walls. Whether you choose a repeating pattern or a simple, one-time monogram at chair-rail height, your letters will certainly make a personalized statement in the bedroom.

9. Border

Not crazy about the idea of wallpapering the entire room? Use a border. You can section off the middle, bottom, or top of the walls to coat with a strip of pattern, texture, or color in order to spiff up the space to your liking. Paint the rest a fun color or leave it neutral cream.

10. Mural

Are you a creative soul? Perhaps a mural-style wallpaper would appeal to you more than a repeating pattern or consistent hue. Choose something that mimics a huge painting and plaster your room with it. You’ll find something different every time you scout the walls after a nap.

Regardless of your particular taste, wallpaper is a great option for a bedroom makeover. Available in an array of different colors, textures, and patterns, you’re sure to find some that make your heart and your pillows sing.

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