Artech Selected for Two Wallcovering Installers Association Craftsmanship Awards

Today is a special day for Artech Wallcovering Installation. Two of our installations have been chosen winners in the Wallcovering Installers Association Craftsmanship Awards. These awards are selected by our fellow artisans in the Wallcovering Installers Association, and we are truly honored to have our work judged as being among the best!

The first award winning installation is a small bathroom that we did in Ventnor, NJ where we took a room that was literally falling apart and transformed it into a whimsical fun room. Every surface in the room except for the moldings and door was transformed using different types of wallcovering. Even the floor received a wallpaper! The tile walls were covered with a faux stone wallcovering, and digital images were used to create an aquarium feel to the bath tub. Waterproofing sealers were used to protect the wallcovering in the tub, and multiple coats of clear finish were applied to the floor to protect it.

The second award winning installation was an art gallery job in New York, where posters by Michael Reidel were used as a backdrop for an exhibition of his art. The job was a complex orchestration of interpreting the artist’s vision into a reality on the walls by a team of talented installers, while having a deadline looming. Over 1200 posters were applied in patterns designed by the artist. Each pattern was a combination of anywhere from four to eight posters, and those combinations were then repeated to create large, full wall patterns.

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