Why Choosing The Right Interactive Wallpaper For Your Office Is Critical

Interactive wallpaper is cutting edge technology for your office. Not limited to computer screens any longer, the interactive wallpaper of today is leaping off the desktop and moving to the walls of your office to create a new and engaging atmosphere that will invigorate your employees and impress your clients.

Interactive wallpaper is exactly what it sounds like; giant screens that cover your walls and project a series of moving and changes images. You can customize this wallpaper to reflect your company’s mission, project a series of calming or motivational images, or simply interact with employees and clients through touch. Some wallpaper even incorporates sound into the display, further adding to the excitement and “high tech” nature of interactive wallpaper.

There are several reasons why you should jump on this new technology.
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Quality Wallpaper Installation Is All In The Preparation


Wall-covering condition is dependent on the construction underlying the visible wall. On the surface you may see simple paint, variety of coatings, previous wallpaper, plasters with lathing penetrating an old surface, etc. New installation will be complicated by previous materials covering the wall and by type of wallpaper used to cover your wall (e.g., plastic, fabric, etc.)
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All About Commercial Vinyl Wallcoverings

There are a broad variety of uses for vinyl wallcoverings that go beyond just aesthetic preference. Vinyl coverings can meet the needs of various institutions, offices, and other specialized buildings depending on their required application. Listed below are some of the various types of coverings that can be utilized for walls with specific commercial purposes.
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