How Wallpaper Can Prepare Your Game Room For Fun

Heading to the game room can get you pumped up for fun, but finding the right atmosphere makes the adventure even more exciting once you get there. Wallpaper is making a comeback because of the unlimited number of moods that it able to portray. Fun and excitement is the name of the game in a game room. Here are a few ideas for redressing your room to add a feeling of joy and fun.

Colors that Explode

Move over pastels and make room for colors that are bold and bright. Consider the primary colors on a color wheel and start blending. Black and white, red and yellow, or an eye-catching mixture of them all will bring a stunning jolt of freedom for everyone that walks into the room. If you think that these colors are too booming for comfort, try a primary color and a complimentary secondary color. For instance, bright blue stripes with alternative light green stripes can deliver a positive feeling while not feeling overbearing.

Whimsical Designs and Graphics

Geographic patterns or zig zag lines will certainly bring all eyes to your wallpaper. However, these types of patterns can also have a dizzying effect on some. Keep these type of designs at a minimum if you choose to use. Prints that repeat should be large and fun to follow. For instance, if your pattern displays objects, make sure they are properly spaced and repeated only once per strip of wallpaper. This will give guests a rolling picture show while playing games and conversing. Paint splotches that appear to have no pattern are also fun to visualize into shapes, but keep them large as well.

Where to Use your Wallpaper

Years ago, ceilings were pasted with plain wallpaper. This trend is also returning, but in a modern updated manner. Instead of using a border along the wall where it meets the ceiling, continue the flow ow wallpaper for about a foot onto the ceiling to create a surround scene of the area. Wallpaper that features street scenes and forests work well with this concept. Another idea is to paper your ceiling only in a wide bold stripe. Define the walls with wallpaper that resemble large pictures within borders. This method can provide 2 different scenes that keep an active movement flowing. Keep the large bordered pictures along the same color scheme as the ceiling.

Themes that Attract Fun

Photo-murals and borders are other ways to make a spontaneous presence in a game room. Use one wall to make a bold and beautiful picture of a desired action. This could be a scene of people skateboarding, a busy street in a favorite city, or other activities in chosen places. Use wallpaper on the other 3 walls to blend in with the scene, like skateboards or stoplights sprinkled against a neutral background. Borders are still alive and well and serve a purpose for wallpapered walls that use plain grass cloth or bamboo. Use wallpaper as wide chair rails to bring fun and activity to the room while using a shorter matching border along the ceiling.

Wallpaper has changed in appearance over the past 25 years and can be a perfect design idea for your game room, adding the right upbeat colors and atmosphere. Before taking a bold stand and papering the entire room, select a few samples to test the waters. Place them on a bare wall and take a few days to feel the change. Certain ideas and colors of your own may begin to form to achieve that perfect look that drives you to your favorite room.

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