Paint vs. Wallpaper, Why Choose Wallcovering

Perhaps you’re wondering whether it would be better to paint your home’s walls or install wallpaper. Either option has its advantages, but there are many cases in which wallpaper is clearly superior. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between wallpaper versus paint.

Costs of Paint vs. Wallpaper

While people tend to think of wallpaper as being expensive and high-end, it can be quite affordable under certain circumstances. The Wallcovering Installers Association has posted an interesting cost analysis detailing how wallcoverings last at least five times longer than typical interior paint lasts. They’ve done the math on examples that indicate a long term cost savings of 30% when installing wallpaper instead of paint. So wallpaper could turn out to be a smart investment for homeowners who plan to live in their homes for the long term.

Textures That Can Be Achieved With Wallpaper

Wallpaper can add a layer of rich texture to an interior space. Attractively textured natural fibers such as jute, bamboo and grasscloth make lovely wallpapers. When used appropriately for decorating home interiors, the resulting tactile environment engages the senses and adds significantly to the visual interest in the room.
Other sorts of fabrics can also be used as wallpaper. This can be achieved by backing and coating the fabric to make it suitable for use on walls. For a feminine effect in a girl’s bedroom, you might wish to incorporate luxurious taffeta wall coverings into the décor.

The Historic Appeal of Wallpaper

For those who decorate in traditional or historic styles, wallpaper is often a preferred choice.
American families look to the US President’s Family as being the ultimate trendsetters; the White House serves as a primary example of décor that is tasteful and appropriate. The décor at the White House gives us some outstanding examples of wallpaper that is both historically significant yet totally current for use in homes today.
One such example is found in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House. This renowned guest room is furnished opulently, and its walls feature an exquisite hand-blocked wallpaper that’s both historically appropriate and currently tasteful.
There have been many times in history when wallpaper has been the most popular choice of wall treatments. For example, wallpaper was fashionable during the Victorian era. Wallpaper is an essential element to include if you are decorating a Victorian style home.

Hand Painted Murals vs. Mural Wallpaper

If you want a mural on your walls, you could paint one, or hire an artist to do it for you. The downside to that would be not knowing what your artwork is going to look like until the work on the mural is finished. You might love the finished mural, or you might not.
Worse yet, if you’ve agreed to pay an artist to paint the mural, the bill for the artwork will still come due even if you hate the way it turns out.
Mural wallpaper has a distinct advantage in this regard. You can choose from a wide variety of creative mural wallpapers, and they are all available for viewing before you decide to purchase them and hang them on your walls. This gives you the advantage of knowing exactly what your artwork will look like before you commit to it.
The wallpaper in the Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House gives us a spectacular example of mural wallpaper.
When it’s time to furnish your new home or remodel your existing home, wallpaper is definitely worth considering. If you place a high priority on using the best quality furnishings for your home, you’ll find that wallpaper is well worth its expense. Wallpaper provides you with limitless creative potential, unsurpassed beauty, timeless elegance and outstanding durability. We’re confident you’ll be really pleased if you decide to give it a try in your home.

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