The “Art” in Artech

Today’s job emphasized the “Art” in Artech. An architectural oddity in the room made it important to be creative in making the trees in the pattern look natural, even though the match would be out of line in 2 places if installed in a standard fashion.

The recess for the pocket door would move the pattern inside the recess 2″ up and 2″ to the left. That would create a very obvious mismatch where the vertical pattern of tree trunks wouldn’t line up in a very obvious spot.

The solution was to find a portion of the pattern where 2″ of the pattern could be eliminated in the width, and the pattern could be dropped 2″ to make the pattern match perfectly in all corners of the recess. The tree trunk pattern adapted well to the challenge.
After finding a place where 2″ could be cut out without creating 2 trunks too close or too far apart, the first piece was installed on the side wall leading into the corner by the recess. Then the piece wrapping into the recess was installed.

If the next sheet were butted to the top of the sheet and wrapped into the top of the recess, the edge would be 2″ away from the corner. The choice was made to line up the pattern inside the recess, which is in a very noticeable spot, and get creative on the top of the sheet by “creating” a match. So working from the bottom up, the next piece was installed lining up the side to the corner, and matching the inside corner at the top.

A careful look shows that above the recess there is the mismatch created by moving the sheet 2″ to the left and 2″ down to match inside the recess. Working from the top down, a faux match was created by cutting away background, and some pattern making sure that the result was an optical illusion where the pattern appeared to match and the flow of the eye wasn’t interrupted.

The pattern flows, uninterrupted, into the recess, and continues all the way to the ceiling, even though two inches have been removed from the upper width and the pattern drops two inches at the same time.


This challenge was an enjoyable exercise in creative installation, and another example of why we are “ARTECH Wallcovering Installation.”

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