Unique Wall Covering Ideas For Your Home

There are few things that can impact home décor more significantly than the walls. When walls are stark and bare, they lack personality and can give the home a bland look. While paint can be effective at altering the ambiance in the room, it often lacks that extra touch of style and pizzazz that you truly need to take the look of your home to the next level. If you are looking for a great way to make your home stand out with incredible style, wallpaper may be the solution you need. Wallpaper designs have evolved considerably over the years, and there are now some amazing styles that will impress you and anyone who enters your home. In addition, there are other decorative ways to dress up your walls as well.

Stone Textures

Many people love the natural look of stone. It creates a rustic, relaxed feel in the space without sacrificing in the area of sophistication. There are some new wallpaper designs that feature the incredible texture and appearance of stone, and this allows you to easily incorporate stone into your space without the expense and effort of actually having to hire a mason.

Lighting Medallions

You do not have to fully cover every inch of your walls with wallpaper to enjoy stylish results in your home. Light medallions are typically installed on the ceiling around the base of a hanging light fixture. They are typically rounded and heavily ornate. While you can always dress up your ceiling with these fixtures, another idea is to paint them a stylish color that looks great in your space and hang them on the wall. You may even use a metallic sheen paint for added flair. These have a striking visual effect that creates a unique element in your home.

Wall Tiles

When you think about tile in the home, you may most commonly think about tile floor or even a small back splash in the kitchen or bathroom. However, you can transform different rooms in the home by adding this material creatively to the walls. For example, consider how unique your bedroom or living room would look with a tiled accent wall. With so many different colors and styles available as well as with the ability to create elaborate designs, the sky is the limit with a tiled wall.

Textile Wall Coverings

There are an exceptional range of fabric materials available in local fabric stores. These materials vary by the cloth type, by the color or print and by other elements. Fabric may most commonly be used on walls as curtains around your windows, but you can break free from tradition and install textile panels on your walls. With so many types of fabric available to choose from, the creative opportunities for your space are endless.

Reclaimed Wood

Wood paneling in homes may no longer be stylish, but adding reclaimed wood to your walls has incredible appeal. Simply measure the dimensions of your wall, and look for reclaimed wood that is suitable for your spatial needs. You can refinish the wood according to your stylistic preferences. The wood may be adhered directly to the wall in some cases, or you may choose to add it to panels before installing it on the wall.

One of the most common ways homeowners dress up their walls is with a fresh coat of colored paint. A single color of paint can change the look of the room, but it may not have the oomph that you desire for the space. Consider how some of these ideas could be used to take your décor to the next level.

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